Wits end

I really am at my wits end today. My baby has not stopped screaming all day. I’ve tried feeding, changing winding etc. I’ve even gone out and spent a fiver on some MAM dummies because I heard they were good for tongue tie. She keeps them in longer than any other dummy but still can’t completely grasp onto it. I’m starting to dread the days ahead of me. Don’t get me wrong, not because I can’t handle her crying, but because nothing I do can soothe her and I know she is in pain and her problems are aggravating her. Surely the nhs can’t just leave her like this. I am going to go to a public meeting with my local MP tomorrow to raise his awareness to this issue of tongue tie.


About vixengaga2010

I am a mum to 2 beautiful children. A 5 year old boy and a 6 week old girl. I want to campaign to raise awareness for the issue of lip and tongue tie in the UK. It is my hope and wish that one day, all mums will have their babies checked for the issue at birth and that if it affects feeding journeys, they will receive the proper treatment and support for it.
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