Hopefully things will get better.

Anya’s problems are going from bad to worse. She is struggling to take any sort of feed. She is fussing at both bottle and breast. I have compiled a text to my breast feeding helper. This is it.

Preston didn’t go very well for us. They didn’t do any of the proper tests for tongue tie. They only looked at her mouth and said they wouldn’t diagnose her as tongue tie because there was nowhere to cut, something to do with risk of infection, unnecessary procedure and they also said many mums decide to go private. We found out the hv had calculated her weight wrong. She is not loosing weight but is not putting on enough (7oz in 6 weeks). Her and my symptoms are getting worse with her now fussing over bottle feeds and constantly screaming (not a happy baby). We’ve been told Oldham is good for tongue tie and better than Preston. Two doctors have diagnosed as tongue tie and even hv said she could see it. Also I have spoken to a lactation consultant who said that from her mouth shape and her and my symptoms it is a submucosal tongue tie (a sneaky one). This isn’t in my head. I do know what I’m talking about and if it was just a case of giving up breast feeding and bottle feeding I’d let it drop, but she is fussing no matter which way she feeds. I’m meant to be enjoying this time, but I’m starting not to.


About vixengaga2010

I am a mum to 2 beautiful children. A 5 year old boy and a 6 week old girl. I want to campaign to raise awareness for the issue of lip and tongue tie in the UK. It is my hope and wish that one day, all mums will have their babies checked for the issue at birth and that if it affects feeding journeys, they will receive the proper treatment and support for it.
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