My tongue tie journey

All I want to do is exclusively breastfeed. All I’ve ever wanted to do is exclusively breastfeed.  So now that I am a mum again to a beautiful 6 week old baby girl, I am not going to give up our fight, no matter how painful (literally).

It started in hospital. Anastasia was born 10 days early and immediately took to the breast with very strong suction all the way through the feeds, which I thought was normal. All seemed fine in hospital apart from the fact that a few of the midwives didn’t think she was staying at each breast for long enough.

When it came to getting her home, things changed dramatically. She was 6lb7 when she was born.  She decided to be the baby that never stops crying and showing feeding cues. It would have been like a heavenly dream if it would have been every hour, or even every half an hour, but it just didn’t work out like that.   She was never happy unless she was on the boob. I tried to change her bottom, she would scream, try to rock her to sleep, scream, sing to her, scream. Hold her upright, however, or feed her boob, and she’d be fine. She would breast feed literally every second of the day and night so I had no time for myself, my family or my other child (who has behavioural issues). I was also starting to not look after myself (not regularly showering or bathing (which has lead to  a possible infection in my cesaerean. Also the smell wasn’t nice. I had to make the decision to mix formula feed with breast feeding but only when I needed it. With breast feeding she was getting terrible reflux but with bottle feeding she was letting so much air in the bottle that she also has terrible painful gas and reflux with that too. I posted on a breast feeding support site and a lovely lady told me that it could be tongue tie and reflux. I contacted a doctor A Kotlow, (a paediatric dentist in the USA, who is renowned for his expertise in tongue tie), who told me from symptoms and pictures I took of my daughters mouth, that it sounded like tongue tie, upper lip tie and reflux. I took her to A & E under the decision of NHS direct because she was choking and gagging silently on nothing in her sleep. The doctor there said he suspected tongue tie but nothing that they could do there as it was for emergencies. He also wouldn’t do anything for her reflux, as he didn’t suspect it, but I knew different. I took her to our normal GP, who said the same thing. Suspected tongue tie but he did prescribe us some baby gaviscon for reflux. He said he would not refer us to anybody as tongue and lip tie do not affect feeding. I argued with him 3 times but he did not listen and was stuck in his ways. I contacted my local breast feeding support (or star buddy) who made a referral to the tongue tie person in Preston. We, at first, was told by our health visitor that our daughter had gone from 6lb 7 to 7lb 4, but she had accidentally made an error in calculating, so when we went for our next weigh in, I believed she had lost 5oz, when in actual fact, she had gained, but very slowly. In 6 weeks, she has gone from 6lb7 to 6lb14. This is how our visit to preston transpired.

Well, long story. Anya has NOT had a tongue tie division done. The reason being is that they saw and confirmed that she deffo has upper lip tie but not going to diagnose as tongue tie because in their words “there’s nowhere to cut” and something to do with unecessary procedure, infection blah blah. They said to me that many mums decide to go private and get it done and it improves things. My health visitor said today that she can see a slight tongue tie, but not enough to cause a problem. Also she worked out her weight from kilograms to pounds wrong the other week. She has never been 7lb4 like we were originally told. She has gone from 6lb7 to 6lb14 in 6 weeks so she is definitely not gaining enough weight. They are going to test her for lactose intolerance and refer to a paediatrician. It’s really naffing me off because i already know what is wrong with her but they won’t fix the damn thing. There are private preferred providers in the uk somewhere but at 2-300 quid for a simple procedure, we just can’t bleeding do it.

She is formula and breast feeding but still not putting on enough weight. They want me to top up every feed now, but I just want to breast feed.


About vixengaga2010

I am a mum to 2 beautiful children. A 5 year old boy and a 6 week old girl. I want to campaign to raise awareness for the issue of lip and tongue tie in the UK. It is my hope and wish that one day, all mums will have their babies checked for the issue at birth and that if it affects feeding journeys, they will receive the proper treatment and support for it.
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