#coheedrelated- why I will always love Coheed & Cambria

OK, so I am completely in love with a band called coheed & cambria. My friends probably get sick of me talking about them and I know my hubby certainly does, so I’m going to create a blog on the worlds most awesome band and why I love them so dearly. When I was about 13/14, I heard the first song that would get me hooked. The song was called ten speed (of god’s blood and burial). I used to listen to the song every day on repeat for several hours (and I didn’t get bored, how about that?) then fast forward a couple of years to me being 16. I discovered I had a biological father. I discovered we shared a love for coheed. He posted multiple videos on my timeline, mainly of live performances (which were amazing). I very quickly grew to be even more hooked. Then I got introduced to the children of the fence (the name that us die hard coheed fans have given ourselves) through a page called coheed and cambria love on Facebook. I quickly came to realise that even though I’m from the UK and many of the fans are in the USA or other countries, we were like a big family who support each other through hard times and they even support each other financially in times of hard ships. Most of them pay it forward. This behaviour was enhanced, I think, by the fact that there was a fan going through hard times. She was struggling to pay her mortgage and was about to loose her home. Coheed themselves, gave her a lot of money to put towards her mortgage. I think that was a true act of compassion, and one day, when I make enough money, I hope to be able to do the same. They really care about their fans and properly interact. I hope their morals never change. I don’t think I will ever stop loving them. Their music happens to be awesome aswell. They have so many different sounding songs and albums. They can pull almost any sound off. This is why I love coheed and I’ll always be #coheedrelated for life.

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Things are looking up

Well, where to begin. Anastasia began to not put on weight properly on the formula top ups. She was constantly screaming and fussing. A stool sample got sent off and was found to have acid in so she was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and placed onto nutramigen lipil formula. She also got referred to Oldham hospital, who spotted her posterior tongue tie right away and snipped it there and then. The staff were super friendly, so accommodating and even took into account that we were late, because even though I planned our journey, it took longer than I thought on buses, trains and metro link. She then was still found to be reacting on nutramigen lipil, so was placed onto neocate formula. So now it looks like she is CMPA. I wish everyone struggling with tongue tie the best of luck. If you think your child is suffering, don’t give up. Ask for 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions if you have to.

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More on my journey.

So I haven’t been here for a while. My girl has been referred to Oldham hospital by the health visitor. (Go health visitor). My daughter HAS been tested and diagnosed as lactose intolerant, so she has been placed onto nutramigen lipil milk (so that is our breast feeding journey over). But that does not mean that I will give up. My daughter still struggles with bottles and reflux, plus, I’m still trying to raise awareness and have found an email today off my local MP…

Dear Ms Von Brevern-Randles

Mr Marsden has asked me to contact you regarding your email and we would firstly like to apologise for the delay in coming to you.

Mr Marsden has requested that his Westminster Researcher look into this issue and to contact Tongue-Tie UK asking how he can practically assist in raising awareness and taking this forward with the Department of Health and NHS.

My colleague in Westminster will be in touch with you once they have received a response.

Thank you



… To think, if it had not been for somebody on a breastfeeding support page and the very well educated Dr. Kotlow from http://www.kiddsteeth.com, who emailed me back regarding my daughters symptoms, I would have been none the wiser about tongue tie. So a big thank you to all those people. And thank you to the many many supportive charities and support groups aimed at people who deal with tongue tie on a daily basis. It’s heartbreaking to think that there could be people out there dealing with it worse than us and getting no support. That is why I want to raise awareness so badly.

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Anya’s weight gain today

Mortified. As an exclusively breast fed baby, Anya only gained an oz a week. This week on proper formula top ups, she has gained 11oz. (Nearly a full pound). So all these support sites that were telling me that formula top ups were dangerous for my baby, or that she won’t have a virgin gut, or that there is a 25% more chance of cot death, must want my baby to slowly drop off the charts. I really hope that Oldham is a good hospital for us. I want my baby to breastfeed.

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Self referral

I’ve just made a self referral to Oldham hospital to have Anya’s tongue tie properly looked at, diagnosed and hopefully revised. Preston was not helpful for us. She’s fussing even worse with feeds now and her reflux is getting worse. Surely they can’t leave her like this? I feel hot and shivery with burning boobs. It even feels bad cuddling my baby to my chest because my boobs hurt that bad. All I want to do recently is cry.

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